Beautiful Brew Simply Hario Tetsu-Kasyua Mini Drip Kettle Coffee Gift Set


With this hamper you are giving the gift of a beautiful home brewing experience.  Create a smooth and consistent pour using the specially designed goose neck kettle, this gift takes the home brewing experince to the next level with a beautiful clear glass V60 and decanter. Perfect for the coffee lover who likes a bit of elegance in their brewing experince. Included are:

1 Simply Hario V60 Glass Brewing Kit with 40 Hario Filter Papers included

1 Hario Tetsu-Kasuya 500ml Mini Drip Kettle

1 250g bag of our delicious pre-ground Peaberry & Leaf Signature Filter Coffee Blend

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 31 × 12 cm