Coffe plantation in Guatemala

Discover the Joy of Home Brewing: Our Story

From bean and leaf to cup, at Peaberry & Leaf we want you to experience the joy of brewing your own high quality and delicious specialty coffee and tea at home every day. 

Helping you create your ideal brewing experience

We believe truly delicious specialty coffee and tea is best enjoyed when you brew it yourself at home.   When you know that what you are tasting is high quality and can be traced back to the farm where it was produced it is something special.  Whether you’re an on-the-go coffee or tea enthusiast, a mindful at-home ritualist, or an aspiring home barista, Peaberry & Leaf is here to help you shape your coffee and tea brewing journey so that it is easy, fun, and you are rewarded with a wonderful flavourful cup you can feel good about. 

Know what you are consuming and make an informed choice

Home brewing has many advantages, but one of the most important, is that it allows you to have greater control over what you are consuming. When you buy a Peaberry & Leaf coffee or tea you will know where it has been sourced and how it has been processed prior to roasting or brewing.

Sustainability at the Heart

We deeply care for our planet and strive to make a positive impact through sustainability initiatives. Our range of brewing and serving equipment is thoughtfully selected for its quality, durability, and eco-friendliness. From reusable KeepCups to easily repairable Sage espresso machines, we aim to minimise waste and reduce our environmental footprint. The packaging for our coffee and tea is also fully recyclable at most local supermarkets.

Whilst we are not perfect, it is important to us that we enable you to brew well, while protecting the planet and helping to reduce waste.

Become part of a bigger story

At Peaberry & Leaf we care about your budget and the planet and that is why we also carefully source beautiful pre-loved, vintage and antique serving pieces for your tea and coffee.

Each piece carries its unique history and charm, bringing an added touch of sustainability and beauty to your daily brewing rituals. Make a more sustainable choice, without compromising on style or beauty. 

Thoughtful Gift Sets

Share the love of brewing with our carefully curated gift sets. Whether you’re introducing someone to the joy of home brewing or seeking a one-of-a-kind present, our sets are designed to make brewing an extra special experience. Embrace the art of gifting with Peaberry & Leaf and spread the love of exceptional coffee and tea.


Meet Our Passionate Team

Behind every delicious coffee and tea experience lies our dedicated and skilled team.

Cara has a life-long passion for delicious coffee and tea, and after many years working in the charity sector, she decided to do something creative and share her love of all things specialty coffee and tea with you.  She is working toward her SCA Diploma and has achieved certificates in Coffee Sensory Skills, Brewing and Barista Skills, she is a UK Tea Academy Tea Champion and is currently training as a Tea Sommelier.

Vicky is our amazing coffee roaster who learned her skills while living in the Middle East, returning to the UK and setting up her own roastery during lockdown.  She helps us source our coffee beans, create our blends and adds her magic touch to the Peaberry & Leaf coffee beans she roasts. 

Raman is an experienced event planner and while she supports us with all sorts of things tea and coffee, she uses her amazing creativity to create our festival and event stands so that you can have the opportunity to sample our coffee and tea, try out different brewing equipment for yourself, and learn more about creating incredible and delicious home brews.

Peaberry & Leaf is more than just a business, it’s my way of sharing a love of home brewing specialty coffee and tea with you. We take pride in providing you with the perfect tools and knowledge to create your favourite brewing experience at home every day.

Happy brewing!

Cara Brandi – Founder and Director

Peaberry & Leaf